Feedback – Charles Parker Day 2016

Here’s some of the feedback from people who came to the Charles Parker Day 2016

  • It was a wonderful day, very informative. My favourite part was Songs into Stories, as it gave really good tips on how to get good interviews. And it was a special treat to hear from Peggy Seeger.
  • The awards go from strength to strength and the quality of work is always positive – the BBC Radio 4 Extra broadcast validates the contribution that these young people make to the medium.
  • There was so much in the day that I walked away inspired as ever. Look forward to next year.
  • I would have liked more time to socialise and network with the other delegates. I also found there was a bit of confusion around the ticketing: my manager had said that our department been offered a couple of tickets, so my colleagues and I didn’t realise that we would have to pay in cash on the day—this could lose the foundation money if people don’t happen to have cash with them (of course, I did sort out my payment in the end!).
  • I had to work for most of the day so could only make it for the session that I did with Iain Hunter so I’m afraid that I can’t give you feedback on any of the other talks. It was a very attentive audience though and I was impressed by the work of the students that had been nominated for the award.
  • The day was well balanced for students and those interested in Charle’s legacy to radio and audio production. I feel that looking at similar production in contemporary media was good – particularly Soul Music and Eleanor’s work. It is always good to remind ourselves of Charles’s own work and the archive too.
  • The conference day set up and timetable also allows for networking and charged ideas but I wonder if this could be extended to include a chance for students to meet together afterwards in a shared forum. Not always possible, I know, but in my experience the chance for students to link up creates a stronger shared community.
  • Just wanted to say that it was a real honour to share the stage with Peggy. What an inspiration. I am really grateful to have been included.

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