Friends of the Charles Parker Archive: AGM 2005

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Charles Parker Archive held Friday 17th June 2005 at The Shakespeare Room, Birmingham.

 The meeting commenced at 6.30 p.m.

1. Present:.
Trustees and committee members: Pam Bishop, Philip Cox, lan Parr, Sian Roberts, Gillian Reynolds (Chairman), Matthew Parker, Sara Parker, Fiona Tait
Friends : John and Maureen Davis, Bob Etheridge, Joyce Parr, Eileen Whiting

2. Apologies:
Trustees and committee members : David Bishop, Cathy Mackeras, Dave Rogers, Robert Whitworth
Friends : Godfrey Nall, Sheila Smith, Colin Shaw, Jacquie and John Swift, Joy Parr, Nin Giddings, Peggy Seeger, Pat Welch (Grimmitt Trust), Roy Palmer, E H Seagroatt, Rosanna and Tony Barton, Joy Ashworth, Barry Lankester, Graham Langley, Helen Lloyd

3. Consideration of Annual Report and Accounts for 2004 – 2005
Copies of the Report were circulated and there was discussion on some of the topics covered by it.

4. Presentation by Dominic Delargy
Dominic presented his entry for the Charles Parker Prize, “John Axon Knew my Father“. He explained the background to the work and following its playing there was a lively discussion on famous fathers and the radio ballads.

There being no other business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.

Ian M Parr
Hon. Secretary

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