Cecilia Costello CDs win Folklore Society Award

On 19 November Rod Stradling of Musical Traditions emailed the Charles Parker Trust:

“I’m truly proud to tell you that our 2-CD Set, Cecilia Costello : “Old Fashioned Songs” (MTCD363-4) has come first of a short-list of five entries for the Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award.  The Award will be presented during the FLS’s lecture and prize-giving event tonight at The Warburg Institute, London.

3634dvd“I would like to publicly thank Patrick Costello and other members of the Costello family (Candice Bingham and Margaret Grant), Roy Palmer, Pam Bishop, Reg Hall, Fred McCormick, Bill Leader, the BBC Archives, the Charles Parker Archive Trust, the Library of Birmingham, Leeds University Vernacular Archive, Topic Records, Jon Raven, Brian Dakin – for assistance and information.  Without them, these CDs would never have existed … and it goes without saying that without the assistance of countless other collaborators over the years, none of our 106 CD publications would have ever been possible.”

Non-Print Media Award is a biennial prize established by the Folklore Society to encourage the study of folklore, to help improve the standard of folklore publications in media other than print in Britain and Ireland, and to establish the Folklore Society as an arbiter of excellence.

For the purposes of the award, ‘folklore studies’ are interpreted broadly, to include all aspects of traditional and popular culture, narrative, beliefs, customs and folk arts, including studies with a literary, anthropological, linguistic, sociological or geographical bias.

The award is open to all non-print media English-language publications on folklore in a permanent and durable form (CD, DVD etc), having their first, original and initial publication in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland in the two-year period from 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2014, for award in November 2014, and for subsequent two-year periods, beginning 1 June 2014.

Each year there are three judges appointed by the Society’s Committee. The winning publication will be that which, in the opinion of the judges, has made the most distinguished contribution to folklore studies in the year in question.

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