Petition: Reverse the cuts to the Library of Birmingham

Please register your dismay at the proposed cuts to the Library of Birmingham.  The City Council’s most recent budget proposals include a massive cut to the Library of Birmingham of at least £1.5 million for the next financial year, followed by a huge £3.3 million in the following year.  This is bound to affect the Charles Parker Archive, since it will reduce access to the archive service.  So please sign the online petition and pass the link on to your friends.  Other effects are listed below:

1.  Slashing the hours of the library by 40%
2. Stopping new books purchases
3. Restricting open access to the archives to scholars & researchers of all sorts
4. Reducing to nothing library outreach work & in-house exhibitions & displays.
5. Sacking 100 staff posts.
6. Limiting the housebound & community library service of expert help.

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