Charles Parker Prize – Winners 2014

The Charles Parker Prize for the Best Student Radio Feature is announced at the annual Charles Parker Day, in this case 4 April 2014.

The Judges for the Charles Parker Prize 2014 were:
Simon Elmes – Creative Director, Features and Documentaries, BBC
Jane Anderson – Radio Editor of the Radio Times
Felicity Finch – Freelance Producer and Presenter of Radio Features

Here are the results for 2014,  announced on 4 April.

Charles Parker Prize Winners 2014 GOLD Award (SADiE Editing System and two weeks placement at BBC Feature Department and a Roberts DAB Radio)
Adam Allinson, University of Westminster:-
Beachy Head – Life on the Edge
The judges said that this programme was ‘the absolute stand-out entry, which could have been crafted by a radio producer with years of experience behind them;” “it was my first choice by a long way,” commented another judge. A third praised its “beautiful unputdownable opening” and remarkable stories, underpinned with “beautifully handled sound and music.” This aspect was widely admired: “the subtle use of haunting music perfectly matched the harrowing tales that unfurled. The listener never had their emotions milked. The empathetic interview techniques ensured that people’s stories were told with an openness and frankness that left the listener reeling.” Life on the Edge was “professional and mature,” one judge added, “a real programme”; “this was a compelling, intelligent and important piece of radio,” concluded another, “that shone as brightly as the Beachy Head lighthouse.”

SILVER Award (two weeks placement at Smooth Operations and a Roberts DAB Radio)
Diane Gray, University of Sunderland:- Where Are They Now
“In terms of topicality, and also in terms of execution Where Are They Now? is a brilliant piece,” said the judges, “spot on for the Charles Parker prize”: “A great idea for a ballad-style work”, a colleague agreed. They praised its very strong opening: “unbeatable – the mix of music, birdsong and words are quite heart-stopping”. Another also praised its “superb use of music – a beautifully developed idea”. This was “impressive” said one judge, “with some nice radio techniques and mixes” that really “paid dividends,” added another, “as the programme swelled towards its conclusion.”

BRONZE Award (a week’s placement at Falling Tree Productions and a Roberts DAB Radio)
Chloe Gosling, University of Sunderland:- All at Sea
The judges praised the choice of a really good subject “this is a radio ballad”, which contained “excellent interviews, with a surprising and satisfying number of women”. Another judge liked the way the producer used her interviewees: there was “no need for a narrator yet the story unfurled without confusion. It allowed people to tell their own story and opened up a new world to me. Gentle and engaging”; “it was a little gem”, concluded another judge.

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