The Finest

©Jack Warshaw 1985 at the end of the miners strike

Here’s to the finest of the union
A year on strike they stood up proud and tall
Here’s to those who fought and died
Men and women side by side
And the little ones who cried through it all

From Scotland to the Rhondda, from Derby down to Kent
Two hundred thousand listened to the call
Not just for themselves or their families they struck
They knew they were fighting for us all


The Fleet Street bosses all lined up behind the Tory lies
The television hacks they did the same
All across the nation, they spelt their fabrications
But still the miners would not play their game


Around the world the call went to the unions
The miners of Britain need a friend
They gave their money free, while back home the TUC
Was too scared to stand up with them in the end


Now in the House of Commons they shout and ramble on
Till you can’t tell left or centre from the right
Of violence they bleat while their National Police
Smash the faces of the pickets day and night

So raise up the banner of the union
March behind it to the pithead once again
You know that you can face it for you never did disgrace it
And it stands for the glory you have gained

Final chorus

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