Charles Parker Day 2016

The 2016 Charles Parker Day took place on Friday 18 March at the Bower Ashton Campus of The University of the West of England, Bristol.  It explored different ways of telling stories in sound. From turning stories into song, songs into stories; from listening to stories from our local community to hearing stories from around the world in languages we don’t understand; stories from the creative minds of writers to stories from the listeners themselves.  Here are some photos from the day, taken by UWE’s Mike Hale, and some feedback from the people who attended.

Stories Re-Told  Nic Millington, the CEO of the Rural Media Company, gave an update on a new project which uses original stories from the Charles Parker Archive to help the travelling community connect with their heritage through oral testimony.

Untold Stories  The Bristol based executive producer of BBC Radio 4’s The Untold, Miles Warde, explained the ideas behind a new series of programmes presented by Grace Dent, which unearths compelling stories for contemporary Britain.

Songs into Stories  From Mr Blue Sky to Nimrod the award-winning BBC Radio 4 series Soul Music explores the emotional heart of a piece of music.  Producers Karen Gregor and Mair Bosworth demonstrated how a song inspires them to find a powerful set of interviewees to explore our emotional responses to music. 

International Stories  Producer Ellie McDowall, from Falling Tree Productions, introduced us to her new project – Radio Atlas – a new way of experiencing, and making sense of, radio features from around the world.

Stories into Songs  The Radio Ballads produced by Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger introduced the listener to a new way of telling a story – turning interviews into songs.  Peggy Seeger explained how they did it and why she is still creating songs out of conversations.  Bristol based composer Jennifer Bell is also turning interviews, actuality and sounds into song using new technology and compositional techniques.  They discussed two different ways of turning ordinary voices into extraordinary music.

Community Radio Stories  Caroline Mitchell (founder of Bristol’s FemFM) talked to Peter Lewis (The Invisible Medium), Sangeeta Dewan (BCFM) and Diane Gray (Hive Radio) about the appetite of community radio for stories and the different ways they are told in the expanding world of community radio.

Listeners’ Stories  With just a mobile phone, an app and a story to tell Miles Warde returned to explain how you can get your own content on the BBC as part of a new programme coming out of the BBC in Bristol – Outsourced Radio.

Stories in the Mind  Radio Drama producer Alison Crawford and senior audio supervisor Iain Hunter guided us through the making of the radio drama Cavity by deconstructing and reconstructing the SADiE editing session.

New Storytellers – The Charles Parker Prize 2016: – John Goudie, Editor, Documentary Unit, BBC Radio, announced the winners of this year’s prize for the Best Student Radio Features.

The Charles Parker Day 2016 was supported by:

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